How to Use Contemporary Furniture as a Base for Other Decor Styles

It’s hard not to fall in love with contemporary design, with its clean lines and the perfect combination of form and function in an on-trend package. We’ve all spent time admiring a contemporary piece of furniture on Pinterest, in a magazine, or at friend’s house, resigning to the idea that it wouldn’t work in our own home because we don’t have an overall contemporary decorating style. The exciting truth, however, is that contemporary furniture can be used as the perfect base for other decorating styles. Fire up your browser, because the following tips will have you searching for “contemporary furniture near me” as soon as you finish reading this article!

contemporary furniture

Clear Clutter

No matter what your current decorating style is, a great way to make it blend with your new contemporary furniture is to declutter as much as possible. Think of a clear space as your initial base, and contemporary furniture as an extension of this base. Modern style leans heavily on a minimalism, so getting rid of unnecessary decor will help to unify the room when it’s time to bring everything together. As an added bonus, a room with less clutter always looks more organize, and makes a space easier to clean.

Color Code

Before you buy any new pieces, figure out what your current color palette is. Take note of the main colors that make up your decorating scheme. Look for contemporary pieces, like sofas and chairs, in one of the neutral colors from your palette, or a color that compliments these tones. Coordinating the colors of your new pieces and older decor will help marry the designs in a natural way. Try to stick with no more than four or five colors, though. Two neutrals, a complimentary color, and a contrasting color is a winning recipe for color palette success.

Copy Cat

Take a look through some home decorating magazines, or check out Pinterest. If you pay attention, you’ll likely notice that furniture and decor of several different styles are mixed together all the time. Start by noticing what pieces of contemporary style attract you. Next, search for pieces like it and take note of the different ways people incorporate them into their own living spaces. You’ll definitely find that having a specific color palette is key. Perhaps a rich throw, a coffee table, or a lamp unifies other elements of the space. See how others have incorporated pieces that match your current decorating style with the contemporary furniture that you are interested in, and mimic this in your own home to achieve similar results.

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