What Makes a Piece of Furniture Truly Luxury?

A quality piece of furniture can be an investment. Once you have settled into a home for the long-term, you may be ready to get rid of older pieces that have worn out or no longer serve your family. To get the best furniture for your use and enjoyment, make sure you invest in products and brands that will last.

The Material

Quality furniture is constructed of durable materials that will hold their shape, color and texture. Woods such as teak and mahogany have a close grain and will not warp or flex over years of use. Cushions should either be made of leather or a fabric that can easily be cleaned and keep its shape and sheen. With quality material comes a need to maintain it. Leather furniture may need to be conditioned or cleaned by a professional. High-end wood furniture may require a particular polish or oil to maintain a healthy glow.

The Brand

Once you find a brand that really works for your household, you will likely choose to stick with it. If you have kids and love movie night as a family, the sofa that survived years of use can best be retired with a replacement from the same manufacturer. Most brand strategy is built on trust. If you do find that your replacement sofa starts to creak and pull apart, make sure to put your warranty to use. You may have simply gotten a dud. Of course, if you find that your favorite manufacturer has let things slide, it’s time to find another.


Quality materials are only part of the furniture-making process. Whenever possible, look for well-constructed pieces. Dining tables with extension mechanisms need to be easily opened by one person and durable. The seat cushion of your new armchair should be made of a denser fiber than the cushion at the back. When checking out the construction of outdoor furniture, you may find that you can enjoy new materials in classic styles. Polymers and plastics are moving into the luxury market and offer tremendous design variety.

When choosing new furniture, make sure to test drive the piece for all possible uses. Take your children with when choosing a new sofa. If you like to nap on your couch, kick off your shoes and lay down. A lovely piece of furniture may be a joy to behold, but true luxury is based on comfort. Invest in items you can enjoy using on a daily basis.

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