All Floor It: 3 Types of Flooring to Consider Installing in Your Home

There are many, many different types of flooring that you can install in your home. The choices can sometimes seem daunting in number and scope, but you can often narrow them down to the most popular choices: carpet, hardwood and laminate flooring. Tiles are also popular, but are not usually placed in the main living areas of the home. For your main areas and bedrooms, consider these flooring types.


Carpet flooring continues to be a popular choice for the home because of the soft comfort and sound-dampening qualities it delivers. When you are considering installing carpet, you will be presented with many choices as to a shaggy or short style, the pattern type and the colors. However, there are also two choices that you may not have thought about: carpet tiles or carpet rolls. Both carpet rolls and tiles come in a variety of fiber types, piles and manufactured types, and you can find an equivalent carpet tile for a specific style of carpet roll. There are several benefits of using carpet tiles in your home. These advantages include easier installation, the ability to place over many floor types, easy maintenance and removal, and enhanced stain removal features.


Hardwood flooring is beautiful, durable and enhances the value of your home as well as the appearance. Hardwood floors can be made from woods like oak, walnut, hickory, maple, cherry and other woods, and they can be manufactured as strips, planks, or parquet squares. You can install hardwood flooring that is finished or unfinished. You will want to consider the hardness of the wood you choose: oak, maple and hickory are harder woods, and cherry and walnut are softer woods. The biggest advantages of hardwood flooring are the durability and the selling value. The drawbacks are the higher expense and the possible need for refinishing later, which can be expensive.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is one of the most versatile flooring choices available for your home. You can have laminate floors that look like wood, stone or tile at a fraction of the cost. The main advantages are the low cost and the ease of installation and maintenance. A disadvantage is that they cannot be as easily refinished as hardwood flooring if they become damaged. Many types of laminate flooring come in a “floating” style that is very easy to install.

Regardless of the type of flooring that you ultimately choose, you will love the new look and the easy cleanup and care it affords. You can choose any or all of these flooring types for the different areas of your house, depending on the use of the room. Your furniture and other items will gain a new appeal when set against a new floor.

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