Design Your Room In 3D


Here at Thingz Contemporary Living, our team of talented interior designers have many creative ways to help you find the perfect furniture design for your interior project.

Our designers can virtually build out areas of your home using our 3D design software. Our software allows us to design your physical space and place the furniture and accessories into that virtual space. You can preview various options and see how it will look in your home before you purchase!

Are you interested in our help? Our process is very straightforward.

First, we need the interior measurements of the areas in your home where you need our assistance. This is something you can do yourself or we can help.

Once we have your interior space modeled, we need to get a sense of your style. We discuss this with each client during either a private in-showroom appointment or during a
virtual walkthrough of our showroom.

After this, we are ready to start the 3D design process! Let our designers wow you with ideas. Give them input. Try a different color. Experiment with design ideas. The sky is the limit and this is the fun part of the process!

3D virtual designs are a great option to help you visualize design ideas before you buy!

Let us help. Give us a call today! 480-378-0717

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