Motion Sectionals: Five Great Options to Keep Moving!

What’s hot right now?  Motion sectionals that incorporate reclining components into their design. You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.  All of our sectionals have that clean contemporary look and also incorporate recliner-type functionality.  Now you can have it all: style and comfort!

Comfortable and stylish with multiple configuration options, fabric and leather selections, endless color choices,  it’s easy to find the motion sectional that’s right for you!

These five motion sectionals provide great function, style and value.  Speak to one of our design consultants today to find one that’s perfect for your home.

M1 from Pinnacle

The M1 motion sectional incorporates a supportive headrest into its design along with fully extended leg rests.  The smooth mechanism is controlled thru inconspicuous, built-in arm controls.

Kit II from Palliser

The Kit II is popular in both leather and fabric.  As with the M1 is has moveable headrests as well as leg supports for the perfect look and maximum comfort!

Morino from Palliser

The Morino motion sectional boast clean lines and adjustable armrests.  Available, as all of our sectional are, in a range of layout and fabric or leather options, the Morino provides the ability to recline in comfort without compromising style.

Yorbita from Moroni

The style of the Yorbita motion sectional provides a luxurious and comfortable look with its slightly overstuffed look that still maintains the clean lines.

Ellie from Moroni

One of our most popular motion sectionals, the Ellie has a wide range of configuration option and the ability for the recliner to reach a nearly flat position.  Super flexible and comfortable — and over course its available in a wide range of colors.

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