Bathroom Renovations You Should Have Already Done

Bathroom renovations have gained a reputation for netting a decent ROI, as far as home renovations go. Typically, bathroom renovations can be classified as either major or minor renovations, depending on the scope of the project. Whatever the level of your renovation, there are some specific projects you need to include if you haven’t done them already.

Improving Lighting

Properly lighting your bathroom is important to its appearance, utility, and your safety. There are probably lights in the ceiling, which is essential for functionality. Recessed lighting is often ideal. That isn’t the only place you should have lighting though. You need to make sure your vanity is well lit to avoid being backlit and looking shadowed in the mirror. The bath or shower also needs to be lit, with consideration being made for the wet conditions the light will be exposed to. For a contemporary look, choose lighting that is streamlined and simple, with clear lines. You might consider adding natural light to the bathroom as well.

Redirecting Pipes

For more in depth projects, you may find it necessary to redirect the piping in your bathroom. This can be done to prepare for other projects, but can have a practical application aside from that. Redirecting your pipes allows for better water flow when using your bathroom. If you do intend to have more involved renovations done, sit down with an expert and figure out what needs to be done to the piping to support them. Changing your plumbing generally isn’t the sort of renovation you should be trying to handle yourself.

Updating Your Finishes

Updating the finishes in your bathroom is arguably one of the simplest ways to update your bathroom and give it a new look. The finish you choose to use in your bathroom can be a great way to tie everything together. You’ll likely have finishes on your bathtub or shower, sink, lights, towel racks, and cabinetry. The finish that works best may depend on the color and materials you’ve used in your bathroom. Conventional wisdom was to never mix your finishes, but that rule has recently been set aside. There are ways to mix metal finishes and have it look strikingly good.

If you want a more contemporary look for your bathroom, there are some renovations that are an absolute must. Improving your lighting, redirecting piping, and updating your finishes are just some of the projects you can do to update your bathroom. Keep going, and you’ll have a fully updated, contemporary bathroom that is ready to be enjoyed.

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