Our little celebrity that is recognized the world over. Being #1 is powerful. Our original first Wall Play™ item that continues to shine brighter every day and always trending. Indoor only. Seven colors available.
Wall Play™ is our signature collection of three-dimensional textural wall art that offers durability, endless creativity and versatility. Designed for easy installation by individually mounting directly to your wall, these little art forms create an inexpensive giant impact when massed together. They actually can be attached to almost anything. We can also produce a one-of-a-kind art piece using our custom substrates in almost any size and color.
*Each piece is handcrafted. Variations will occur with leafing, color, texture and pitting. Gold dust from gilding will fall while installing. Surface cleanup may be required. Measurements are overall dimensions of item.*
Material : Resin
Finish : Matte, Gold Leaf


~2.4"OD x 2"H + 1"L screw

SKU: w-GOL787