Seville Dining Chair


Meet Seville, a contemporary dining chair that harmoniously blends elegance and ergonomic comfort, enhancing your dining experience.

Dimensions: 23.5d x 23w x 31h
Finish Options: Assorted Fabrics/Leather.  Many frame options as well.

Seville features a captivating geometric design with round shapes and a minimalist aesthetic that seamlessly fits into modern interiors. The conical backrest is a standout feature, engineered to provide exceptional lumbar support while exuding comfort and warmth, perfectly complementing contemporary spaces

Delicate wood veneer detailing on the backrest adds a touch of natural beauty, creating a striking contrast against the chair's sleek lines, appealing to those who appreciate the fusion of minimalism and craftsmanship.
Seville’s geometric details on the back legs elevate the chair's sophistication, is a true embodiment of form and function, promising to enhance your dining area with contemporary elegance and ergonomic excellence.