What Are the Trending Colors For Fall?

Fall is here and it’s time to spend more time in your home than outside as the weather is getting cooler and the trees are changing. If you’re like most design-conscious people, you’re ready to make some changes in your home decor. These are a few of the base colors on which you can build your room. From there you can add lighter accents based on natural neutrals, deep berries, and different shades of blue green. This season, there are many different trending colors for fall. Gudy Herder from Eclectic Trends writes for decor8 about four color palettes for Fall/Winter 2013. If you can’t find one you love, we suggest that you simply take a step outside and mimic the Arizona fall leaves.

Burnt Orange

What comes to mind when you hear October? Many like to think of changing leaves and pumpkins. This fall, orange tones are one of the biggest color trends. This trend is especially easy to integrate into your home decor. A warm and inviting chair in an unexpected style can be the pick-me-up your living room needs. When looking for an orange chair, make sure the actual style carries its weight. The chair doesn’t have to be overly ornate but should be stylized to match the out-of-the-ordinary color. Classic chairs work best with streamlined silhouettes and arm rests. Other pieces with detailing such as a tufting work well in this color too. Ava, the item featured, is a mid-century shaped chair that will work in all different eclectic contemporary homes. The orange hue creates a welcoming and warm feel to the space in which you place it in. An orange chair can also work well in a master bathroom with a coordinating pillow situated beside a freestanding bathtub.

Color of the Year: Emerald

Pantone Universe suggests that jewel tones are the perfect colors for fall 2013. Pantone Universe is the say all, be all when it comes to colors and they offer a great range of jewel-like tones. The color of the year according to Pantone is Emerald Green which is a gemstone hue. Any gemstone looking green will work in all sorts of ways in your home. To add some styling to your master bedroom, consider adding green accents to your dresser and on your nightstands. Bowls are the perfect accent when adding contemporary style to a room. Making a big statement, bowls are easy to add, come in all different colors and can be used to hold anything. Colored glass gives off a warm feel. When looking for bowls to add to your room, look for ones that are glass or are transparent. An emerald green bowl can help bring your room together and the Marilyn Decorative Bowl from Thingz, your Arizona contemporary furniture store, will look sleek on your coffee table.

Black and White

A little less of a color and more of a combination on trend for fall is black and white. Katherine Nelson on behalf of Elle Decor suggests that anything resembling a tuxedo is the perfect look for adding sophistication to your space. In addition to adding a green accent item such as a bowl, you can mix black and white in your bed to emulate this stylish trend. To begin, look for a black or white headboard or bed. Once you find the style that fits your needs, begin to look for bedding in the opposite hue. If your bed is black, you’ll want to layer it with a white duvet. If you find a white glossy bed frame, you’ll want to find a black comforter. Creating the tuxedo look is easy and is all about mixing and balancing the colors black and white. The styled bed above is the Le Royal Bed from Thingz Contemporary. A modern take on the sleigh bed, this black statement piece would look great with a white, crisp duvet. Beds come in all different types of materials and finishes. Contrasts look the best when trying to achieve this modern bedroom look. After you’ve found your bed and main blankets, you can feel free to add black and white pillows or more pops of color.

Espresso Brown

Steve Adams Interior Design predicts that espresso brown will be a trending color for fall 2013. When mixed with other natural colors like oranges and greens, espresso brown truly shines and creates a contemporary, yet classic look. Espresso brown pieces of furniture such as kitchen counters and entryway tables will be trending but if you’re looking to add a staple piece, consider investing in an espresso brown leather couch. When you think of espresso brown, you think of coffee and leather. A leather couch is the perfect fall staple and will last and last. As usual, a couch is one of the largest items in a space and will help to determine the style. A leather couch will stress to the guest that the space is warm, cozy, and classic. Thingz offers many different couches but a favorite that coincides with the fall trend is the Presidio Leather Sofa. Simple lines make a couch a great transitional piece, and also take the pressure off placing a room in a style “mold.” Although black leather couches are popular, brown leather ages extremely well and looks better with age while working great in a Southwestern decor.

Stormy Grey

Numerous design blogs have been featuring stormy grey as an autumn color. Grey is a great neutral that works in a number of different styles from contemporary to rustic. Adding an accent pillow is always a low-commitment way to change up your decor. Whether in your bedroom, living room, or office, a graphic pillow can take your room from blah to hip. Gudy Herder from the blog, Eclectic Trends suggests that grey is a great color this season. Here at Thingz, our pillows are the perfect change you need. The Cool Pillow comes in the sought after stormy grey color and adds fun to a room with the word “cool.” In addition to being on trend in color, a pillow with a word such as “cool” or “fun” is a great 2013 hip trend that will carry on throughout the next few seasons.

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