Tips for Giving Your Basement a More Contemporary Feel

Basements are often forgotten about in a home. For many, that is where things get hidden and usually forgotten about. You can utilize the extra square footage your basement gives you by turning it into a contemporary space that you can enjoy. Let your basement become just as stylish as the rest of the house by controlling the humidity, rethinking lighting, and lightening it up with paint choices.

Control Humidity

The first step in giving your basement a new feel is controlling the humidity. Because basements are on the bottom of the house, water can seep in from the ground and cause water damage and a damp feel. Dehumidify your basement by sealing cracks and using a machine to air out the area. Sealing cracks in the walls of your basement helps keep water from leaking into your basement, damaging your home and belongings, and being a cause of stereotypical basement dampness.

Rethink Your Lighting

Basements are prone to have dark lighting and feel very closed off. A basement often does not have very good lighting because the sun cannot reach far into your structure. Make your basement feel more contemporary by adding as many windows as you can and installing good lighting options. Pot lights are low profile and do not make the ceiling any lower than it is. They can also be spread out to create good lighting in every area of the room.

Discuss good basement lighting options to give it a contemporary feel

Lighten It Up with Paint Choices

As has been stated, most basements are dark spaces. Instantly brighten your basement by painting the walls white or a very light color. Light colors help the eye skip over odd spaces, dark corners, and it makes the room look bigger than it is. When there is a lot of contrast between surfaces, it makes the space feel small. Painting the ceiling the same or similar color as the walls will also make the room feel bigger. Bright colors will create a fresh and bright atmosphere to completely change the feel of your basement.

The design choices you make for your home are completely up to you. Furniture, floor texture, and paint colors are all an expression of you and your personality. Create a space in your basement that is contemporary and relaxing by controlling the humidity, rethinking your lighting, and lightening up the paint choices.

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