Choosing the right dining chair may seem like a simple process, but it's anything but! While there are some basic do's and don'ts to keep in mind when shopping, you also have to consider your table height, your tabletop material, and how many guests you'll be serving on average at each meal. Here are tips that will help you choose the perfect dining chair.

1. Make Sure You Gauge the Height of Your Table.

When buying a modern Dining Chair Scottsdale, you want to make sure the chair will fit under your table, which is known as "table space" in furniture lingo. The first thing to do is run your hands up against the underside of your table to check for gaps. If there are any gaps, measure from the floor to where you would normally sit at a restaurant and add approximately a foot (3-4 inches) for extra room for taller guests.

2. Make Sure the Contemporary Dining Chair You Buy Does Not Have a Low Back.

The back of the chair should not be lower than the top of--or level with--the tabletop. This is because when you're sitting, you might kick the table, which is a big no-no for injured toes.

3. Assess Comfort and Quality.

When you're shopping, you want to make sure the seat material is easy to clean and sturdy enough to support your whole body. Look for cushions that are either down or a tightly woven fabric that won't fall apart even when you spill water on it.

4. Buy Something Classic in Solid Color.

You don't want anything too flashy, so avoid oversize prints and patterns for your regular dining chairs. Instead, pick up a set of solid colored chairs that will be more versatile. They'll match everything from traditional dining tables to retro diner sets.

5. While You're at It, Buy a Few Accent Chairs.

An accent chair can be used to prop up your feet while you eat, or it can serve as an additional seating option if you need it. They come in handy when guests visit because they can double as a makeshift table while they eat their meal in front of the television or computer screen.

6. Shop Strategically.

Dining chairs are usually pretty affordable, so try to buy a couple at a time in case you need replacements in the future. You can also research discounts and coupons online before going shopping so you don't waste money.

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