Modern Style Decor to Consider for Your Home

One of the best ways to modernize your home is to add some current decor with distinctive lines such as a floor sculpture. Thingz Contemporary Furniture has an extensive selection of modern wall art, sculptures, and mirrors that will give your home a 21st century look. If you’re searching for contemporary furniture, Scottsdale’s Thingz Contemporary Furniture has plenty of stunning decor that is perfect for a 2021 redecorating spree.

Contemporary Furniture

Mirror Wall Planter

If you’re looking for a way to instantly create the illusion of more space and add an eye-catching piece of modern decor, consider adding a mirror with a contemporary frame to your favorite room. The Mirror Wall Planter is a square mirror with a frame constructed out of recycled steel. As the name implies, the Mirror Wall Planter features a planter at the base. This lovely piece of contemporary decor marries the timeless elegance of a mirror, a stark modern steel frame, and the beauty and warmth of your favorite plant.

Wall Art

Three-dimensional wall art is one of the most celebrated movements in contemporary art. A metal frame adorned with small circular mirrors will reflect light and add a great deal of vitality to your favorite room. If you’re searching for something a little more uniform, a series of two-dimensional interlocking rectangles can add a captivating focal point with some stark modern lines.

Contemporary Furniture


A floor sculpture is an excellent way to instantly modernize your front room. An acrylic Blaze Floor Sculpture that looks like a tall, slim plant with translucent leaves will serve as a strong focal point. An acrylic Hurricane Floor Sculpture with curved lines that evoke a powerful storm is the ideal piece to add a sense of movement to a room with standard lines. A single contemporary sculpture is striking enough to change the flow of a room.

Creating a more contemporary appearance for your home doesn’t require a massive remodel. A strategically placed mirror or sculpture is an easy way to modernize your home. If you want to shop for contemporary furniture, Scottsdale’s Thingz Contemporary Furniture has an expansive showroom that features the latest modern decor. A single piece of modern wall art is a conversation piece that is sure to liven up your home. Modern decor is an excellent way to remind yourself to live in the now, and stay present. Rearranging and redecorating is a powerful way to promote peace of mind.

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