How Many Blades Should My Ceiling Fan Have?

One question often asked regarding ceiling fans is how many blades they should have. Although this is a great question, the answer is that the number of blades isn’t near as important as other factors that go into making ceiling fans do their job. In addition to the amount of blades, the efficiency of a ceiling fan also depends on the blade pitch, the balance of the blades, and the motor. Here at Thingz we offer some of the most efficient and stylish fans in the nation.

Fewer Blades Mean Less Drag

Many believe that the more blades your fan has, the cooler it is, but it isn’t secret that industrial style and commercial fans usually only have two or three blades. Why is this? When a fan has fewer blades, there is less drag on the motor and it can go faster and move more air more efficiently. This results in much more airflow and will create a better wind chill effect, making your space feel cooler. This Velo Fan has an extra strong motor and aerodynamically shaped blade. The specific shape of the blades ensures that air is being picked up and moved around in your home.

Greater Blade Pitch Moves Air More Efficiently

Another important factor in a fan’s blade is the blade pitch. The blade pitch is simply the degree of the angle of the blade relative to the fan’s base. When the blade pitch it is high, it can replace the air more efficiently. According to the American Lighting Association, fans with pitches between 12 and fifteen degrees prove to be the most efficient. The Cirrus Hugger Fan is another great option from here at Thingz, your furniture store in Scottsdale. This fan is known as a hugger fan which means it is designed to be in a home that has a low-ceiling height. Cirrus has a 14 degree blade pitch and with the help of a 120V motor, this fan moves air quickly and efficiently. When shopping for a ceiling fan, the fans blades should not be perfectly horizontal. This doesn’t allow the blade to pick up air. It’s best to find a fan such as the Cirrus Hugger that has angled blades to pick up air and cool your space.

Need a Gust or a Breeze?

According to Energy Star, a fan with four blades will work just as well as a fan with five blades. A fan with lesser blades usually turns faster with a stronger motor, creating a greater wind chill effect. If you are looking for a gentle breeze, you might consider a fan with more blades like the Stella Fan. With four blades and a 12 degree pitch, it is still effective at cooling your room with an aesthetically pleasing design.

Less Ambient Noise Means Good Design

A fan with five blades is known to be a lot quieter than those with fewer blades even though the fan is likely to produce less air flow. This Pharos Fan is a great choice because it is visually appealing while able to effectively cool your space. Many designers use five bladed fans because they are well balanced and have a tolerable amount of ambient noise. The materials and weights of the blades need to be exact all around the fan so that it doesn’t make a lot of noise or wobble.

Balancing Form and Function

This beautiful Eclipse Fan is the perfect solution to adding style in your home. It offers a variety of blade, light, and control options. It has a 120V motor and allows you to customize the fan to your space and needs. It is important to consider not only the design of your fan, but how you would like it to function as well as overall performance. Do you need to move more air in a larger space or just add a comfortable breeze in a smaller room? Remember that your fan should have a great blade pitch, be balanced and have a powerful motor behind it!

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