Design Tips: Contemporary Southwestern Style in Your Arizona Home

The beauty and character of the Southwest can be a central character in your home design. Here are four ideas for a contemporary style that will bring an elegant Southwestern style to your Arizona home. Whether you allow colors of nature to play a role in your color palette, decorate indoors with greenery, buy from local artisans, or design an outdoor retreat, your home is sure to reflect your love for our desert home, and Thingz Contemporary can help to bring your vision to life!

Work from a Picture!

When designing a room, take nature into account with your color scheme. It’s easiest to take a photograph of your landscape and allow it to inform your color choices. If you’re decorating a master bedroom, focus on a beautiful southwestern sunset or sunrise. Warm oranges and rusty hues look great in places of rest and can work with any style. Match your comforter or curtains to the color of natural turquoise found in your state or even take green tones from southwestern greenery. Don’t try to get every natural color into your room but simply choose one or two main colors and design around them, adding complementary tones and patterns to the mix. The Fan Wall Sculpture can bring beautiful natural colors into any space in your home.

Decorate Indoors with Greenery

Bringing plants inside can easily blend the outdoors with your home design. Plants such as the blue-green sword like Parry Agave look great in a kitchen or adorning a coffee table in a living room. Wild Hyssop is found all around the Southwest and you can pick it and present it in artistic vases. If you don’t have a green thumb, find pictures and wall art that reflect these native pieces of nature and display them. It’s always acceptable and stylish to add one or two small cactuses in your home. Maybe try a modern sculpture of a saguaro cactus or an abstract modern sculpture of the same color. Check out this Blaze Floor sculpture as an option that is fresh and green, but doesn’t require maintenance!

Buy Art from Local Artisans

Allow Arizona to inspire your interior design by buying art from local artisans and companies. Not only are you supporting those making art and well-made pieces of furniture in the state, you’re adding unique pieces that will add a lifetime of character to your home. You’ll be surprised by the modern pieces you will find that are being made and incorporated with Southwestern home design. Once you do find a few artistic home decor items, make sure to share with friends and family where you got them to support local artists. Our contemporary designers work with a number of local artists and we’d be happy to help you find the right piece!

Design an Outdoor Retreat

With the superb climate in Arizona, try bringing the indoors outside! Whether you have a concrete patio or are simply making a retreat on your lawn, look for home decor pieces that can be brought outdoors. Consider light weight furniture pieces that are easy to move.  With moveable pieces, you can transform your outdoor living space to suit your needs and changing style. The Icon Chair would be at home for an evening on the patio, but back indoors at the breakfast table the next morning!

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