Cool New Pendant Lighting Designs

With great anticipation, we at Thingz await the new lighting introduction from the Dallas Lighting Market each year.  It had been a while since we have seen any great new introduction.  Thus we were totally unprepared to see all of the wonderful new lighting product introductions this year.  There are too many great new lighting options to go into in any detail in this short column. But we did want to highlight five new pendants from Tech Lighting.

Pendant lighting, originally a contemporary lighting fixture, has become steadily more popular since its introduction and has since evolved to fit whatever design style a home may have. There are multiple benefits to the use of pendant lamps, hence the high demand for them.  As the largest dealer of contemporary pendant lighting in Arizona, we at Thingz always get excited to see new lighting fixtures as it gives our clients more choices to select from in their lighting design project.

One of the great things about a pendant light is that it can be hung almost anywhere. Where surface space is minimal and yet focal illumination is necessary as in the case of a kitchen sink, a pendant is the best option for lighting. Notably, a pendant is perfect for task lighting. For high ceilings, pendant lights can also be used to connect them with the people and items at ground level.  Ideally, however, pendants are supposed to be suspended 32-40 inches above a work surface.

Pendants come in a variety of gorgeous designs now. With their ability to function like spotlights in a softer and more decorative way, people appreciate them more. Depending on the shade you’re using, pendants can even reflect a becoming glow on objects and people, so you can use this to your advantage by picking something that makes you look more attractive.

With pendant lights, you can also create several task areas in one room. You can buy a set of matching pendant lights and use all of them in separate spots in a room. This way, the room will appear more unified albeit the seemingly scattered distribution of lighting.

Pendants are still as popular as ever in modern homes, but they have become more versatile with their wide range of design styles. There are pendant Tiffany lamps, pendants that look like miniature chandeliers and are perfect for period-inspired rooms, pendants for cottage style homes, etc. New designs are produced every year and boundaries in lighting style continue to be broken. Fresh and edgy pieces continue to arrive in the lighting market. The following are some of the most appealing low-voltage pendant designs:

1. Nebbia. This beautiful pendant is made of hand-blown glass decorated with a graceful swirl. The lamp has a rounded cone shape and looks ideal for focal lighting. Topped with a metal detail, this piece comes in three available colors: amber, brown and white. The amber and brown versions can influence those with a sweet tooth as their shades have the appeal of golden syrup and caramel. The white version, on the other hand, looks very clean and fresh, perfect for creating a light atmosphere in a room. The stem finish can be either antique bronze or satin nickel.

Nebbia Pendant in Amber

2. Veil. This cylindrical lamp has a shade affecting a crushed glass texture. Accented with flecks of gold and silver, it looks very enchanting. It is available in colors of brown, latte and white. The crushed glass appearance as well as the sparkle from the gold and silver are very interesting details, which have a fascinating effect on the glow produced. The choices for stem finish are antique bronze, chrome and satin nickel.

Veil Pendant in Latte

3. Cue. Also made of hand-blown glass, this semi-teardrop-shaped pendant has a shade that fades to clear. The layering of the shade colors has a fascinating illuminating effect. Its metal detail is also intricately-patterned with what appears to be a series of diamonds within rectangles. This pendant is available in shades of dark amber and white. The finish could be either antique bronze or satin nickel.

Cue Pendant in Amber

4. Peyton. This pendant is a slender cylinder made of glass mosaic tiles with an irregular pattern of speckles and inner frost glass diffuser. It comes in a shade of brown or white and a finish of antique bronze, chrome or satin nickel.

Peyton Pendant in Brown

5. Boreal. The shade is made of natural hemp fabric accompanied by a recycled paper backing and a varying recycled sand-cast bronze metal detail. This lamp is created to espouse environmental consciousness, which is consistent from its production to its shipping package. It comes in shades of ivory and khaki green and is finished in either antique bronze or white bronze.

Boreal Pendant in Ivory

These pendants usually come with a mounting canopy for individual installation or a monorail freejack connector. Voltage could also vary depending on your choice.

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