3 Biggest Interior Design Plans Popular Today

Interior design isn’t all about creating an aesthetically pleasing environment. It’s about pairing functionality with pleasure. Interior design plans should be suited to your household and your lifestyle. What works for a relative or a neighbor might not work for you. The right interior design plan maximizes your home’s assets and minimizes any shortcomings.


Rustic interior design is all about highlighting raw materials. Exposed beams, stone fireplaces and knotted wood furniture hearken back to a time when settlers were carving out the frontier, building their homes with their bare hands. Rustic motifs are often incorporated into eco-friendly designs that minimize the use of synthetic fabrics, plastic or linoleum. The theme can highlight the surrounding environment of a country home or create an oasis in the middle of a bustling city. There is very little clutter, and each piece of furniture should be carefully chosen to create a feeling of space in the room.

Open-Plan Living

It might be your cup of tea or it might not, so be sure to do some research before you go all-in with this concept. Open-plan living helps you to create multi-functional living and working spaces in your home. A common example is a kitchen with a breakfast nook. A more extreme instance is a completely open ground floor with no walls separating the living room from the dining area or the kitchen. One of the benefits of open plan living is that it promotes family time. It’s more difficult to isolate oneself from the rest of the family. Of course, the correlating drawback is the lack of privacy. Archways, fabric screens and portable panels can help to temporarily divide up an open plan living space when necessary.

Futuristic Theme

The polar opposite of a rustic theme, futuristic decor is often monochrome, with a black and white color scheme interrupted only by stainless steel appliances. Ceramic and marble flooring convey luxury and practicality. There is less focus on patterns and fabrics and more of a concentration on clean shapes and sharp geometric angles. Smart controls for lights, blinds and doors can be built-in for maximum efficiency. It may seem cold to some, but family pictures can soften its austerity.

Consult with the other members of your household before implementing an interior design plan. Discuss the larger objectives and how you can use the interior design plan to fulfill them. Then, you can implement the interior design plan that suits your home.

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